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Is This a Good Fit For You?

Are you and your spouse good candidates for a collaborative divorce?

Good candidates for this approach are typically couples who

  • want a civilized, respectful resolution and are willing to focus on solutions rather than blame or revenge
  • prefer to work with instead of against each other —substituting negotiation for confrontation
  • are willing to consider creative solutions designed to preserve the short and long-term emotional and financial health of all parties
  • desire that their children be spared from the emotional upheaval, hostility and disruption of a protracted and uncertain divorce battle
  • want to control decision-making over child-rearing and/or financial
    arrangements rather that turning it over to a judge or mediator
  • desire a process that will foster healthy relationships in the restructured family unit
  • are committed to building a positive future for themselves as opposed to punishing their spouse
  • value privacy concerning their problems, assets, and children