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Barbara H. Saylor CFP, CDFA

Barbara H. Saylor, CFP®, CDFA®
Certified Financial Planner
Certified Divorce Financial Analyst ™
Palmetto Wealth Advisors, LLC
1611 Devonshire Dr., Suite 100 | Columbia, SC  29204
p: 803.252.0606 x 213 | f: 803.252.0062 |                       c: 803.308.2147

Barbara has over twenty years’ expertise assisting corporations, families, and divorcing clients achieve and maintain financial strength and stability.  She is the owner of Palmetto Wealth Advisors, a boutique financial planning firm, and is an associate with the Columbia certified public accounting firm of Barb & Company, PA.

As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™, Barbara has taught seminars to family law attorneys on successful financial settlements.  She is especially equipped to address the unique, complex and often challenging economic matters that must be considered during a divorce such as:

•  Long term cash flows for the restructured family dynamics

•  Liquidity issues

•  Debt assessment and management

•  Taxes

• Workforce retraining needs

• Long-term goal assessment and planning

Barbara’s skills are especially critical in helping the couple and their attorneys objectively and accurately evaluate the financial picture and best prepare the family for long-term financial health.  In any divorce, time is literally money so her focus helps the couple conserve valuable resources for their future rather than spend them on unproductive arguing about past disagreements.  No two family’s financial circumstances or divorces are the same.  Barbara’s accounting and financial analysis expertise and specialized technology provides each family with the tools to make their transition through and after the divorce healthy and strong.