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Collaborative Divorce – a healthier, more dignified option

S.C. Collaborative Divorce Group offers couples an alternative to divorce outside of the traditional adversarial court-based litigation model.  We are an interdisciplinary group of professionals providing clients the opportunity to work through the separation, divorce and the related issues within a model characterized by mutual respect, honesty, and cooperation.

Our mission is to create a calm and cooperative environment that allows our clients to concentrate on the well-being of their family.  Divorce does not have to entail a lengthy period of uncertainty, anger, emotional trauma and lasting financial hardship.   

Our goal is a win-win solution for all.

    Some unique aspects of this process:

  • A team-based approach involving specially trained attorneys, mental health professionals, and financial experts  offers a final solution that is arrived at much sooner, is less costly, and involves less stress and emotional pain than the typical divorce.
  • Couples benefit from the support, protection, and guidance of their individual attorneys without going to court.
  • Clients work constructively in a safe environment to develop, prioritize and negotiate creative solutions tailored to the individual goals, needs and circumstances of family members.
  • The process supports cooperative co-parenting arrangements that preserve and foster healthy relationships and adjustments.
  • Clients retain the control of the process, timing, and outcome rather than submitting to the dictates of the family court system.
  • The public “airing of dirty laundry” through the court is eliminated or minimized.


Even though you are ending your marriage, you can still work together to achieve the best outcome for all concerned. 

If you believe a collaborative divorce may be a better option for your family, contact us to schedule an initial consultation to learn more.